The Cut


Once in high school, I realized what I wanted to be and who I wanted to be. Back then, I knew that my way to grabbing everything I want would be a labyrinth path. I imagined being part of that world and I did think of living that dream and make it real. But the question was, “How?”. I never knew the answer until it just came as fast as I never imagined.

There it started. I pursued the college course that would suit me to that world. Then on, I’ve seen myself working with the people I look up to. I saw the picture. I just saw it. But then again “how” was still a question and “when” was added. I am getting nearer.

Now, I really think that I’ve got a big-time luck because I am now living the dream…living it weirdly and differently. (laugh!)

And… Akalain mo iyon?! ISANG TAON nang natutupad ang isa sa aking mga pangarap. I’ve got no regrets. Gaining new friends and getting to know different people make me stay. Aja!