A better 2012

I’m not used to making the so-called ‘new year’s resolution,’ however, I do want some changes in my life and with myself. And there it follows:
1. Be more confident;
2. Be more responsible;
3. Be more courageous;
4. Be more thrifty, money make sense;
5. Uhm.. Give more time to self-improvement;
6. Be competitive, and;
7. Be in love, I’m not forcing myself to fall or to be in love with someone though.

I have a lot more to say and to do this year. More to post. ;))


Best foot forward


Fully booked

I should have booked a flight to Bicol before the Christmas rush. Or I should have booked a seat for a bus ride. Now, I feel so hopeful and desperate to book a bus seat, by hook or by crook, just to be with my family this holiday season.

But what can I do when all of the bus lines representatives say, “I’m sorry fully booked na kami.”
And would just answer, “Ah, ok.”

A co-worker suggested a plan, but I cannot reach the person who could help me. 😦

Anyway, there’s still tomorrow.
Pasasaan ba’t makakauwi rin ako. Sana…

Last Episode for 2011

Friday: Team B’s busy for tomorrow’s episode. Their stories are very promising, high ratings are expected.

For next week’s episode, Team A, where I belong, is also preparing for the the episode. We’re just that pressured for the story lineup.

Another start for another hell but fulfilling week.

Have a happy weekend everyone!