91st and 90th and you

– 91st
– I forgot to post my 91st photo yesterday
– The photo shows actor Xian Lim, nothing special about him, just saw his photo on a magazine and took a shot of it
– Hongpogi kasi eh.. Haha!
– Anyway, I like his eyes. 🙂
– here


– 90th
– We used a song of Charice for our story last January, it was under Universal Music/MCA
– They were able to send the statement of account needed for the billing, and it was received by our ep (na nakalimutan niya yatang nareceive nya)
– so I personally went to their office to pick up the soa
– It was raining, sarap lang magemote sa loob ng van while playing the song It Will Rain by Bruno Mars
-Finally, I’ve met Ms Seale of mca, na madalas lang na sa phone at.email namin nakakausap


Another thing…

– Ikaw na talaga nakakapagpabago ng mood ko, agad-agad 🙂 Juskoooo!


93rd, Cancerous

– 93rd
– Yesterday, we’ve been to a Korean store near Timog Ave.
– There I saw a pair of ‘cancer’ lucky charm lace for cellphone
– I planned to buy it but I have no enough money that day
– A while ago, while I was sleeping because of dizziness I suddenly remembered it
– Haha! Funny thing, I hurried and went to that store to buy the cellphone lace.
– wala lungsss.. Baka kasi makuha na ng iba

– here


94th, Jot it down

– From now on, magpopost na rin ako dito ng #100DaysPhotoADay ko.

– 94th na

– Eto na naman ako, ayoko nang naghihintay pero ganun pa rin..naghintay pa rin naman ako..haayyy

– Oh well, Cheenee!

– We just walked from GMA7 to reach that Korean store, medyo malayo rin yun ah

– Just bought melona ice cream and ramen

– Good thing Ajhussi and Ajhumma were in good mood that the gave us discount (yey!)

– I have colds but i was craving for ice cream so, good luck!

– Ajhussi also gave us juicy gum from Korea for free, it’s some kinda juicy fruit gum. 😉

– here

Start the counting

Oh, it’s 100 days to go.

Let’s begin counting and cherish life (meganun?)!

– I saw a very cute guy last night, I was dragged by his musicality and smile.

– He plays piano, and that what makes him so adorable.

– Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend already

– Oh well, it’s ok.

– Today, I started stalking him. hahaha! Joke!

– For my 100 Days Photo A Day, here’s the 100th. I’ll count from 100 to 1.

– Since it’s my chingu’s birthday.