Random thoughts

I wanna see you more often, closer.

I wanna touch you, touch you ’til I feel that spark.

I wanna smell your cologne everyday.

That smile,  I wanna smile back from ear to ear.

That smirk, I wanna pinch you gently.

That touch of your hands, the warmth.

That thought of you everyday makes me weak ’til death.




73rd to 66th, Sunday ’til Sunday #100DaysPhotoADay

And because I wasn’t able to post #100DaysPhotoADay for eight consecutive days, here they are. Yeah, I was kinda busy then.

I was busy with work and was distracted by sorta “heart” problem, and money problem.

Oh well, life it is.

There you go.

-73rd, Waste

-72nd, Ang fake lang

-71st, Malapascua

-70th, Love Nest

-69th, With Anthony Bourdain, KMJS version

-68th, Too Good To Be True

-67th, Angry Birds Space (newest download)

-66th, Too Many Stories To Tell

84th down to 80th, Staycation and Short Vacation

Wasn’t able to post photos for #100DaysPhotoADay for the past five days, I was out of town and spent my “staycation” sorta short vacation with a friend’s family.

For this, here are the photos I’ve gathered 🙂 :

– 84th, InstAndroid (Apr.4)

– 83rd, When the moon peeps while you’re star gazing (Apr.5)

-82nd, Hangin’ around  (Apr.6)

– 81st, Way back to the toxic city: Sunset (Apr.7)

– 80th, My view through my nostalgic memory (Apr.8)

Here you goooooo!

— 79th later. 🙂

89th down to 86th and you again

– Wasn’t able to post my 89th to 86th photo here, so here they are

– 89th, Inch by inch we’re moving apart: Feel ko lang

– 88th, Fail: Did my part

– 87th, Palaspas: Holy Week starts

– 86th, Bonded: Got two anklets from a friend and a coworker, Joyce, and they’re from Puerto Galera

– You made me mad. Now, I’m confused if I should trust you fully. Too bad, this happened.

– I’m trying to be as truthful as I can, but… tsssssss