I’m Alive

As I quote a friend’s facebook post, “To let go is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes but to allow others to affect their destinies… To let go is to fear less and love more”.

They laughed when I asked if I can quote this line for this post and asked if I can relate to this line. I answered, “Medj.” Followed by, “Hahaha!”

Seriously speaking, I really don’t know why I was hooked by this quote. FYI, I am not in any romantic relationship and I never was into it. But fell in love, I think so. And I am, I think, falling into loving someone now. Sad thing is that, I’m falling into a wrong person, at wrong time as well. *sigh

Oh well, this LIFE again!!! This means I’m alive.


Everything is Sound

Woke up this morning, sweaty. It was just so HOT!

And I just can’t move on with this song, another Mraz addiction 🙂

Anyway, it rained this afternoon despite the summer heat experienced all over the country

– Thank God!!!

Oh well, I remember old beliefs about “Agua de Mayo” – first rainfall of May, first day of May: Blessing!!!

Climate change

– while composing this blog, hail storm somewhere in north and drought in southern part. 😦

Let’s all sing then!