No aid

The past week was indeed a good one. I’ve never heard praises from the post production meeting or the post mortem because we haven’t held one. 🙂

That Ilizarov Method story was produced accordingly that the ortho surgeons sent me some good feedback. My producer did well, he really did.

For this week, he’s my producer again and I think we’re doing well. I hope so. And, our new team mate researcher is researching her first story, but i think she’s got some problem in coping with this job, with our environment. I’ve heard she’ll pursue and finish the story but will leave us after. Oh man! Again??? She has just signed her contract!

Oh my! I have this friend who came home from Australia last month, my birthday. Sadly, she’s going back to Australia tomorrow and I haven’t had time to meet her up and have some fun! 😥 Til next time Zarah!

Two weeks airing in a row. Isn’t it good? Tiring. :p


Just a Feeling

Oh well, airing week has passed quickly. My story was about MONKEYS, with my makulit SP Kuya Paul.

Our story ended up second gap. I was amazed by the fact that Mangrove Macaques in Loon, Bohol could actually dive and they eat seafood, particularly that some kinda crab.

It was not a typical week for us since we started our production on Sunday and ended on its airing day. I also coordinated two stories in Bicol, which was so exciting because I was able to communicate with the people there using our dialect. Pure Bicol and Bicolanong.Sorsoganon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be with the team in Bicol, it would’ve been more exciting. 🙂

On a Saturday, I went with salo SP Ate Ivy in Manila Zoo for the heads and reenactment shoot. I brought there four kid talents who were really makulit. But that was ok. By the way, I got ant bites that’s itchy until now. 😦

Back to the office. My mood easily changed when I got pikon or asar with a friend. And I realized it was because of hunger and ’cause of sorta ‘hormonal imbalance’ I thik (it’s a girl thing). And I then went to my apartment and watched KMJS alone amd slept. I woke up in the middle of the night and I was able to get back to sleep again by 4am. Thanks to Unblock Me. Hehe.

Another week, airing week. Done.
Looking forward for more. 🙂