Belecoys and more


Just when I started to chew these Belecoys…memories of my chilhood flashed back.

The childhood I won’t ever forget.

The childhood games: tubig-tubigay (patintero), tagu-taguay (tagu-taguan), trumpo, and many more.

The childhood food: hagis, biyawas, tambis, laptukay, tyesa, and more.


The childhood bestfriends: Bunik, Anton, Emil, Rico, Josie, Jenny, Manay Cathy,and more.

The childhood favorite place: Baybay, dagat


The childhood that I will totally forget if not because of these.


The Breakfast Club

I should say, Pitch Perfect is a a must-watch movie. It’s not just because I love the ACA-thing but because I love the story itself. Another thing is the soundtrack. Amazing!

How many times I’ve been LSSed with it’s “tu-tu-tu tu-tu-tu tu-tu” Just the Way You Are and Just A Dream mashup and, especially, the Barden Bellas’ winning piece, Price Tag/(Don’t You) Forget About Me/Give Me Everything. I also love the riff-off, t’was the best.

I think Fat Amy was outstanding among all. 🙂 And I think Anna Kendrick was a revelation.

Moreover, because of  this movie I wanna watch The Breakfast Club.

And, I wanna share this…