Just as I Write This




I just got here for the first time this year. Haha! Medyo naisip ko sanang magsulat for my 2014’s first blog but I have no idea what to write about, topic!

Oops. I went home last holiday season, that was my first homecoming after a year. We were complete as my brother also went home. The rain did not really ruin the holidays uh. 🙂 I got the hoodie jacket below ↓ from my sister. Oh yeah, I really love it!


I wish I could go home not only once this year, not only for the holiday season. 🙂

After the season break, of course, I’m back to the real world same as most of you.

New year new movies to watch out for, and I’ve got to watch three of them just this month. First was 10,000 Hours which was the Best in Cinematography and received other 13 awards from the MMFF 2013. Second, Lone Survivor starring Mark Wahlberg. This movie tells a true story on how soldiers fight every mission they face. In the end they flashed the pictures of the real soldiers the actors portrayed and that made me weep. :’) Third, Leonardo DiCaprio’s three-hour The Wolf of Wall Street movie. As I quote a friend, this is a movie where we find “pinakamaraming fuck at fucking.” Also, I can say that it is not dragging for a three-hour film per se. I’m loving Leo more! Let’s wait for the Oscar’s! 🙂

I’d hangout more in my “new found” and “favorite” movie house for this year’s upcoming movies. I’ve got a shopping buddy there also. Haha! (you know who you are)

By the way, do you also feel the cold breeze outside? It’s really cold like, brrrrrrr! Last time I checked, I would boil water in order to take a bath. Lameeeeg. But I’m loving the weather, though hintayin na lang din natin summer. Speaking of summer, I’m so excited for our trip to CDO on March! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Pasensya magulo yata pagkakasulat ko but I’ll try to write more this year. Aayusin ko na next time. Hehe.