Meeting The Stripes and Your Highness

For my first travel out of town this year, I remember going to Palawan. I went there for work but I really enjoyed a lot, especially because of the first-hand encounter with giraffes and zebras! Yes! Lots of them in Calauit Safari Park in Calauit Island, Busuanga, Palawan. It is a wildlife reserve wherein we can see animals came from Africa, specifically from Kenya.

It was in the time of President Ferdinand Marcos that those animals were brought here to support then Kenyan President in preserving their animals from the wild. And there, until now we can visit and meet them eye-to-eye; the giraffes and zebras, and some other more in this island.

DAY 1, January 28, 2014: Travel from Manila to Puerto Princesa

Take off

(c) Around 6PM. Fly off Manila to Puerto Princesa.

DAY 2, January 29, 2014: Travel from El Nido to Coron

El Nido to Coron.

(c) 8:30AM. 10-hour whirling boat ride from El Nido to Coron.

DAY 3, January 30, 2014: Travel from Coron to Calauit, Busuanga


(c) Rocky road to the Safari

10-minute bangka ride to the Safari's doorway. January 30, 7:41AM.

(c) 7:41AM. 10-minute bangka ride to the Safari’s doorway.

Morning sunshine from the doorway to the Safari. January 30, 7:57AM

(c) 7:57AM. Morning sunshine from the doorway to the Safari.

2014-01-30 08.07.42

(c) Itchy feet, wanna see those giraffes and zebras.

                   Day 1 at the SAFARI

Love at first stripes. January 30, 9:15AM

(c) 9:15AM. Love at first stripes.


(c) Selfie.

Closest encounter.

(c) Closest encounter.

Feed them. Rare close encounter with the Calamian deer.

(c) Feed them. Rare close encounter with the Calamian deer.

Fig tree in the middle

(c) Fig tree in the middle

Grass for the striped.

(c) Grass for the striped.

There they came Your HIghness. january 30, around 6PM

(c) 6PM. There they came, Your HIghness.

Safari. January 30, SUNSET

(c) SUNSET. Safari.

DAY 4, January 31, 2014: Day 2 at the SAFARI  Morning

Selfie with Your Highness! Jauary 31, 8AM

(c) 8AM. Selfie with Your Highness!

Into the wild.

(c) Into the wild.

Afternoon came and we were bound to Manila. More than the stress and tireless travel, I have enjoyed the trip. It was my first time to encounter these animals that we thought are wild, but the truth is… they’re endangered. I have loved more the wild and everything in it.

I lost the job that gave me the opportunity to travel a lot. But I promised myself that this will not stop me from travelling more place and capture memories through photographs.

Ready for the next travel!