A Little Too Busy In Doha: Starter

A lot can happen in a year — I mean A LOT! 2015 has been so bad and so good to me, and I wouldn’t mind going back to that year, I mean it. Papa God has given me a challenge He knew I could survive, and I thank Him for everything. Fast forward to first quarter of 2016, I am now in Doha! Marhaba! Well yes, working as photographer/videographer a.k.a. OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). I still remember the time when I told a friend that if ever I would leave my previous job I would definitely work abroad. I intentionally said that though I didn’t have any moves yet that time to pursue doing such. But here I am now, sitting on a chair inside our room at our accommodation in Doha while thinking about what to write –and oh, it’s kind of rainy day today, a sign of changing weather from spring to summer. I was actually thinking about and how to write again a blog like this. I haven’t done this for a long time now. Tsk. Anyway, there you go. As I write this, I am using my dearest friend’s Macbook because my mobile phone for more than three years, Cyrus, gave up on me. Maybe it’s tired and just stopped in the middle of me not planning to buy a new phone until next year. Funny how technology has no forever as love and relationship. Hmmm. May masabi lang. I miss writing random thoughts like this–a write up without a thought, just random. 🙂

I would definitely love to write again and I will definitely write again. Just let me take a little time to compose words up to make a thought and a good article or maybe photoblogs will also do.

So let me think starting now.