Five Hours Late From Home

A desert-heat of 42°C temperature is making me think that I wish I was in the Philippines. It’s hot there but not like this humid and irritating feeling.

I wish I was on the beach just few meters away from our backyard.

Cut to, my younger brother sent me some of his photos while enjoying the dry season or commonly called as summer the way we do it when we were younger, swimming! I miss this place where we enjoy beach-ing and playing during the season, and even some months of wet season. We don’t care how tanned we are as long as we make the best vacation not out of town but just few meters out of our house.

Our place is all-in-all 13-hour bus ride from Manila to San Bartolome in Santa Magdalena, Sorsogon in Bicol region. During dry season its descendants always come home to enjoy our very own little sanctuary, especially during the months of April-June.

I wanna share some of my brother’s photos here. 🙂

This particular area in the vast of the sea is one of my favorites. There this big rock in the middle where we climb into and then jump or dive to, as you can see in the picture, the very clear and clean seawater. That’s why it’s not my dream to go to Boracay.

If some summer destinations in the Philippines are now popular because of its sandbars, we have our own too. Though it’s not a sandbar but a seaweed and coral bar as I may want to call it. Like sandbars, it only shows up when it’s low tide, which is usually in the afternoon.

Still, it’s so hot in here but I would love if it’s the tag-init heat in the Philippines, in my hometown. I wouldn’t care if I get sunburn or whatever. Let me finish what has to be finished here and I will surely plunge into the sea as long as I want and sun bathe until I am tanned again.