The Marriage of Space and Time

The Theory of Everything.

  • When the Universe and Love collide.
  • Gotta watch out for this movie in Philippine cinemas soon.

Stephen Hawking defies his illness (ALS) with his success both in his profession and personal life.

  • Hawking, despite having an ALS, joined the recent campaign on the disease’s awareness, the Ice Bucket Challenge with the help of his children.



  • It’s raining hard outside, na-stranded na ako sa office. (Time check, 4:32PM)
  • Now that I have more time, I think I’ll be posting write-ups more often than before (‘pag hindi tinamad, lol!)
  • Spotified! I got spotified pero hindi pa premium. Kaya halo-halo na, labo-labo na ang playlist with my favorite artists/bands. Haha! Wala pa budget.
  • Well, I have to admit that Spotify helped me a lot and is helping me a lot.
  • Marami pa sa baba. :)

    Listening to Simple Plan while writing. 🙂