Sweet Breakup

You were my ever dream.
Thankfully, I somehow lived that dream.
The latest four years of my life were not wasted, I could say.
You molded me as a human, as a professional…others would say.
I’ve gained more friends, build more friendships and other relationships for real.
I couldn’t ask for more, more than any meal.
I have grown to where and what I am now.
I have seen the worst and the best of you anyhow.
I have loved you and I loved myself more.
I have laughed and cried with you…ranted more!
I was lost, found myself and lost again.
I come up, found myself again.
Thought of unloving you but just got tired.
Never unlove though, you’re the one desired.
It hurt but I already accepted it.
Nothing lasts forever, there’s not a thing can beat it.
Not one-sided love, a mutual decision instead.
A sweet breakup, though I have no boyfriend yet.
But I’m not a loser…I won.
I won friends, I won knowledge, I won experience, I won lessons…I won.

I’ll treasure you as I treasure the people who surrounded me during the stay and as I treasure my own life.♥

(A re-post from last June’s blog entry in a pooled blog site)