Stage 1

I don’t wanna lose it but I think I’m goddamn losing it.

I still wanna fight for it but I guess faith is not enough as to fate.

I have lived the dream and still living it, but maybe God is telling me, “You’re living it wrong kiddo. So, wake up and waggle.”

“Have to fight ’til the end, that’s what I gotta do,” says the bubble.

But, if enough is enough…what is enough?!

This life’s so unpredictable and undeniably tough!

Gotta move and do something to prove them wrong and to make myself be me again.

Never accepted things to myself, ignored them again and again.

Now is the time to swallow everything in with no pretense.

Moving on is difficult, I know, but atleast I tried to do what I can do before a new commence.