A Little Too Busy In Doha: Drop-Focus

Things don’t really go the way you want it to be, but life is still the life that everyone can curse and be grateful with at the same time. Besides, everything will fall into its place, whatever happens, if you won’t ever give up.


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Doha’s landmark view from Skyview, La Cigale Hotel. 1/10/15



Sweet Breakup

You were my ever dream.
Thankfully, I somehow lived that dream.
The latest four years of my life were not wasted, I could say.
You molded me as a human, as a professional…others would say.
I’ve gained more friends, build more friendships and other relationships for real.
I couldn’t ask for more, more than any meal.
I have grown to where and what I am now.
I have seen the worst and the best of you anyhow.
I have loved you and I loved myself more.
I have laughed and cried with you…ranted more!
I was lost, found myself and lost again.
I come up, found myself again.
Thought of unloving you but just got tired.
Never unlove though, you’re the one desired.
It hurt but I already accepted it.
Nothing lasts forever, there’s not a thing can beat it.
Not one-sided love, a mutual decision instead.
A sweet breakup, though I have no boyfriend yet.
But I’m not a loser…I won.
I won friends, I won knowledge, I won experience, I won lessons…I won.

I’ll treasure you as I treasure the people who surrounded me during the stay and as I treasure my own life.♥

(A re-post from last June’s blog entry in a pooled blog site)

A better 2012

I’m not used to making the so-called ‘new year’s resolution,’ however, I do want some changes in my life and with myself. And there it follows:
1. Be more confident;
2. Be more responsible;
3. Be more courageous;
4. Be more thrifty, money make sense;
5. Uhm.. Give more time to self-improvement;
6. Be competitive, and;
7. Be in love, I’m not forcing myself to fall or to be in love with someone though.

I have a lot more to say and to do this year. More to post. ;))


Best foot forward